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Anna Ellis writes erotic/steamy romance.

Adults Only series

Ready for a wild weekend?
Jacey and Dominic, the happily married couple at the centre of the Husbands and Wives, are back in the first book of this new series from Anna Ellis, Adults Only.
Jacey and Dominic are happy with their circle of swingers, but Jacey is always looking for extra excitement and new experiences. They leave their naughty neighbours at home for and head to Mrs. Robinson’s B &B for swingers for two nights of parties in the hot tub and private cabins in the woods, all with brand new friends.
They meet Morena, aka Mrs. Robinson, the sexy fiftysomething who counts Tia as part of her infamous past. And Michael Lorde, her hot handyman with a love story of his own catches Jacey’s eye.

Are you ready to head out with Jacey and Dom for an Adults Only weekend?

Room Service


Are you ready to head back to Mrs. Robinson’s for the weekend? Book Two in the Adults Only series brings back Callie Champlain from Office Plays.

Callie is tired of office hookups. She needs a new adventure, more excitement, and something to make her stop thinking of the one man she can’t have. She takes officemates Sadie and Jason with her for a weekend of fun at Mrs. Robinson, the B & B for swingers. For Callie, it’s a time for new experiences, making new friends and for having sex without getting your heart broken.
There they meet Morena, the fiftysomething Mrs. Robinson, whose past intrigues Callie, but makes Jason want to get to know Morena better. And Lorde, the sexy handyman who thinks Sadie can help him get over his own heartbreak. But it’s Lucas, the man with the blue eyes and golden mouth who threatens to keep Callie’s heart all to himself.

What are Readers Saying about Shared Accommodations, Book One in the Adults Only series?

“I didn’t expect to know some of the characters in this book!”
“…some of the sex scenes … were properly panty-meltingly steamy…”
“Looks like I found a new favorite author.”

Are you ready for another wild weekend at Mrs. Robinson’s?

 Late Checkout

Coming soon!


Three sexy stories about watching, being watched and what happened when you get caught.
For mature readers, 18+ due to sexual situations
Checking on an overnight guest brings new excitement to Hettie and Jay’s marriage in A New Friend.
Lexa likes to flirt with the construction workers next door but one day she takes it a step too far as she watches The Work Crew.
And in The Wet One, written by Anna and Holly Kerr, Liam has no idea he’s Aubrey’s office crush – or does he?
From the author of Touch and the Husbands and Wives series
Bonus – an excerpt from the soon-to-be-available Shared Accommodations, book one of the new Anna Ellis series, Adults Only.




The Touch series

What happens when you meet the man of your dreams…and his wife?

A passionate nine-book series about a single woman who falls in love with a man and his wife. Told from each of their points of view

Kenna has spent the last two years since her divorce alone, focusing on her writing and not giving the lack of romance in her life much thought. She hasn’t missed the touch of others until she meets Iliya.

Iliya is beautiful, vivacious and confident and Kenna is drawn to her immediately. When she meets Iliya’s husband, Kenna is torn. Iliya and Del are warm and friendly and welcome Kenna into their life but Kenna is guilty about the feelings she develops for the couple; feelings that are more than friendship. Feelings for Del…and for Iliya.

Kenna doesn’t know what to do about the attraction she feels for Del and Iliya until Iliya confesses she feels the same way and so does Del.

Iliya tells Kenna they aren’t like other married couples. They want to include Kenna in their life…and their bed.

Is this what Kenna wants? Can she handle the touch of others?











Office Plays trilogy 


PrintYou spend at least eight hours a day in the office. Why not enjoy some of it?

“I love the anticipation, the slow build of excitement before I meet someone in the office. I know it’s wrong, and I would be fired if I was found out, but it makes me feel so sexy to slip away from my desk for twenty minutes; coming back with pink cheeks and a buzz still between my legs.

I spend at least eight hours a day in this place. SecretsLiesWhy not make it as enjoyable as I can?”

There’s lots of gossip buzzing around in the office. Abby is shocked when her past fling takes a new position at the company and her guilt makes her more attentive to her husband. Sadie finds herself in over her head with Alma and her husband, playing games she never imagined. Michael has always thought himself happy with his girlfriend, but spending more time with Callie has changed things. And Callie – once the queen of office hookups – finds that her feelings for Michael are ruining playtime.

Available Summer 2018







Four sexy stories starring the ladies of Office Plays


Husbands and Wives series

HusbandsWivesFun, fictional tales about a group of naughty neighbours! It’s time for you to visit the swinging suburbs!

The entire five books in one collection. Now available in print.




Making Friends

making friendsWhen happily married couple Jacey and Dominic move into their new neighbourhood, they’re surprised at how friendly everyone is. Jacey wasn’t impressed moving out of the city to begin with, but she’s slowly won over by the wives on the street, as well as Joe, the resident handyman.
When they invite Jacey and Dominic to their Saturday night parties, they learn just how very close-knit group in the neighbourhood is. Do Jacey and Dominic really need extra excitement in their marriage?
And Jacey can’t help but wonder – will Joe be there?


The Husbands

Book2The Husbands - CopyJacey and Dominic have moved into their new neighbourhood and despite her best intentions to remain aloof, Jacey has become friends with the wives on the street. But these women share a kind of friendship Jacey has to get used to – they share everything…including their husbands!!

This arrangement will provide some extra excitement, but can Jacey and Dominic’s marriage handle it when Jacey begins to get to know The Husbands?


The Wives

The WivesJacey and Dominic’s arrangement with the neighbours is taken one step further when Jacey and the wives begin to get even closer…






New Neighbours

Book5NewNeighboursJacey and Dominic have an interesting relationship with their neighbours. Especially Jacey. She enjoys morning meetings with Mahak in his car, is contemplating letting Tia join her and Dominic in the bedroom and then there’s her ongoing fantasies about Joe. That’s in addition to the Saturday night key parties at Tia’s. 

And now new neighbours have moved in. What’s a girl to do?



Joe and Jacey

BookJ&J (1)Jacey and Dominic have enjoyed getting to know their neighbours, those sexy swingers of Honeysuckle Court. Their marriage has never been more exciting and both enjoy the relationships with the neighbours. Jacey cares about all of the husbands, but she’s always had a soft spot for Joe. Now that Joe and Jacey have finally made love, will this change things with the neighbours?



Also part of the Husbands and Wives series  – Interludes

interludes Interludes2 Print

Every neighbour has their story.

What’s yours?

Interludes are 3 collections of sexy short stories told from the point of view from your favourite neighbours

This is definitely not your normal neighbourhood.  Or maybe it is!

Interludes__The_Col_Cover_for_KindleNow all nine stories available in one collection.

Interludes – The Collection

ebook and print




Husbands and Wives Short Stories


Book4Melissa - CopyNeighbours Melissa and Mahak attend a Valentine’s day party where they meet a new group of neighbours who have their own way of celebrating!




Paige coverJacey’s new friend Paige has decided it’s time to return to work. What happens when her first interview is with a man from her past – one who has never forgotten what they shared?


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