New Release

Unexpectingly Happily Ever After is the sequel to Unexpecting

What are readers saying:

“Its a cute book and hard to put down. It has all that it needs to become a hit romantic comedy. Makes you believe in happy endings.”

“An absolutely fantastic sequel to the first book!”

“The characters are real, likable and entertaining. J.B. and Casey’s love story continues as they begin the conversation about adding to their happy family of five.”

Unexpectingly Happily Ever After

Having a baby was all Casey ever wanted, even though her friends had been concerned with the lengths Casey had been willing to go to get pregnant. But all it took was a drunken night with friend/roommate J.B., along with an expired condom for Casey to get everything she ever dreamed about…and more. 

Six years after giving birth to triplets, married life with J.B. has been a dream come true for Casey. She’s embraced being a soccer mom and family trips to the grocery store…now, if she could only keep the kids from eating the olives out of her martinis. J.B. manages to juggle being a father and restaurant owner, and even insists Casey agree to the girls’ weekend in Las Vegas with Brit and Morgan to celebrate Brit’s latest wedding – her BFF’s fourth trip down the aisle.

But just before Casey leaves for her trip, J.B. asks the question – does she want to have another baby? And Casey is shocked to find the answer isn’t as easy as she expected. 


New Releases for Holly Kerr and Anna Ellis

Action chick lit and spicy swingers!

New from Holly Kerr

Pippa is a good thief, a better spy and currently the It Girl of the European intelligence circles. She’s risen to the top by following three rules: Keep it simple. Nothing matters but the mission. Spies don’t fall in love.
She’s in the spy game for the sky-high paychecks and the cool toys. Her latest mission in Toronto won’t put the world in too much danger and she’ll get the hard-fought respect of Lysander Mochrie, the man who helped her become the best agent in Ireland. But Pippa knows this is the mission that will turn her into one of the bad guys, that is if she can keep Charlotte Dodd, the Canadian super spy, from getting the better of her.”
Lysander won’t stand for mistakes and Pippa’s got to finish what she started, whatever it takes. She’s got a plan and it’s a good one, at least until a pair of blue eyes and a fast car get in her way and make her think twice about everything she’s ever believed in.
Declan’s cute, funny and sweet but Pippa can’t forget Declan’s sister is the only one standing in Pippa’s way of completing her mission.
There’s a reason spies don’t fall in love, especially with the good guys.

Book Three in the Charlotte Dodd action packed chick lit series!


New from Anna Ellis

Iliya has done everything she can to get over Del and Kenna. She’s moved in with William, let him dictate who she sees, what she wears…who she plays with… but it’s not working. She agrees with William that a weekend away at Mrs. Robinson’s B & Be for swingers might be the perfect thing for her, and lets him pack her things.
But Iliya didn’t know about the history between William and the owner of the B & B, the sexy fiftysomething Morena. And she doesn’t find out until they arrive.
Morena’s done everything she could to get ready for William’s arrival – new pillows, new haircut, tried to find a new relationship, but nothing can prepare her when her past meets her future. William is under her roof and Morena can’t help but wonder what it would be like if he stayed.
Lorde is also wondering how he got Elizabeth under his roof – and what he’s supposed to do with her kids. Fatherhood is new for him, but he’s giving it his best shot. But what’s really confusing him is how the Elizabeth sharing his bed seems a little more adventurous than the Elizabeth he gave his heart to all those years ago.
Not that he’s complaining.
It’s another swinging weekend at Mrs. Robinson’s!

New Release for Anna Ellis

Room Service is available today, the second book in the Adults Only series

Are you ready to head back to Mrs. Robinson’s for the weekend? Book Two in the Adults Only series brings back Callie Champlain from Office Plays.

Callie is tired of office hookups. She needs a new adventure, more excitement, and something to make her stop thinking of the one man she can’t have. She takes officemates Sadie and Jason with her for a weekend of fun at Mrs. Robinson, the B & B for swingers. For Callie, it’s a time for new experiences, making new friends and for having sex without getting your heart broken.
There they meet Morena, the fiftysomething Mrs. Robinson, whose past intrigues Callie, but makes Jason want to get to know Morena better. And Lorde, the sexy handyman who thinks Sadie can help him get over his own heartbreak. But it’s Lucas, the man with the blue eyes and golden mouth who threatens to keep Callie’s heart all to himself.

What are Readers Saying about Shared Accommodations, Book One in the Adults Only series?

“I didn’t expect to know some of the characters in this book!”
“…some of the sex scenes … were properly panty-meltingly steamy…”
“Looks like I found a new favorite author.”

Are you ready for another wild weekend at Mrs. Robinson’s?


The first book in the series is only 99 cents for a limited time!


Book Birthday and new cover for Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder

It’s been three years since readers joined Josie, Lana, Meredith and Poppy on their girls’ night out and Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder just got a face life!

Plus it’s on sale for only 99 cents!

Best friends never let you down.
That’s not the case with Josie’s BFF’s. Their friendship spans over twenty years and it hasn’t always gone well; Poppy vs. Lana, Lana vs. Meredith, and Josie always trying to keep the peace. But with trouble looming in her marriage, Josie needs her friends around. Her 40th birthday is the perfect excuse for her to look at the cracks in the friendship, and fix them, once and for all. 
A girls’ night out will make everything better. Dinner, dancing…drinking…the night starts out great with the foursome setting out to revisit some of their school day haunts with hilarious results.
And then things get serious. Secrets never mix well with absinthe. Josie wants to revive the friendships, remind the others what they have together, and end the night with the four of them closer than ever. 
It might be too much to ask. 

Check out Holly’s Love Letter to Absinthe on her blog! 


Happy Book Birthday Charlotte Dodd!!

Author Holly Kerr has created a fabulous new genre “Women’s Adventure Chick Lit”. Yes, there’s some foodie elements, and some kissing and good-looking guys but what makes this an over-the top- exciting new read is the non-stop action, intrigue and adventure. And the stars of this thriller are strong, purposeful, beautiful… women!” – HappyReader

Two years ago, The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd was published by Three Birds Press. Its since spanned a sequel The Best, Worst First Date Ever, a prequel, The Missing Files of Charlotte Dodd. The next book in the series will be out Spring 2018, The Hidden Past of Pippa McGovern

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!

To celebrate, The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd is only 99 cents!!


New Dragon book available and Pre-order new Anna Ellis

New Release from Holly Kerr

The second dragon book is available today!

There’s another dragon.
It’s been two years since Emma, Matt, Macy and their friends Kass and Dash saved the dragon under the mountain.
They never expected to see Archer, Gideus, or the others again. But when Archer shows up during a Blue Jays game, the kids are ready for another adventure. This time they travel to Archer’s world, but it’s not at all what the imagined.
Evil owls, giant squirrels and talking unicorns. And dragons. Not to mention faeries trying to take over the world.
The kids’ powers return in the new world as they join forces with Gideus and the other to try and defeat the dark faeries.
But did they make it worse by being there?

Get your copy today!

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Pre-order the second book in the Adults Only series

Room Service available February 27, but order your copy today

Adults Only
“Nestled on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in
picturesque Nova Scotia, Mrs. Robinson’s Bed and Breakfast
is the perfect spot to relax, to be refreshed and to reflect
on the adventure of life.”

“Office hook-ups aren’t cutting it. I need a new adventure.” Callie Champlain, Room Service

Callie from Office Plays is back!

This time she’s nursing a broken heart. What better idea than to take a trip to Mrs. Robinson’s B & B for a weekend? She’s planning on having some fun, meeting new people and if she learns something about the swinger life, than even better!
Morena and friends are happy to give Callie a some pointers, but it’s Lucas, one of the guests, who ends up teaching Callie a few things about mending her broken heart.